Antonio Tomas

Valencia is home to paella and paella rice, which has been grown in the region since the time of the Moors. Antonio Tomás founded the company in 1962, located in the Parque Natural de la Albufera, an area of natural beauty with its lagoons and coastal views. Working with other local rice growers, Antonio Tomás has worked hard to protect and conserve the differences between types of Valencian paella rice as an active member of the local Denomination of Origin regulatory council.

We carry three different types of paella rice from Antonio Tomás, all with their Denomination of Origin guaranteed, and each with different characteristics. Whether you’re learning to make paella or a seasoned pro, we have a paella rice to suit you. Bomba is the highest quality paella rice that we carry. It can absorb three times its volume in liquid (and flavour!), and will only expand in width, not in length like other types of rice. Bahía is a medium-grain paella rice which takes less time to cook and Redondo rice is similar to our Bahía rice. With its less decorative packaging, this option in a cellophane bag offers great value for money.

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