Torrez De Nunez

Torre de Nuñez embarked upon their journey over 50 years ago when Manuel Nuñez Aldegunde and Maria Torre Penelas began selling their Serrano Hams and Charcuterie all over Spain. Their in-depth knowledge of ham and the curing process meant that Torre de Nuñez were able to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding palates. This led to their expansion and the building of their first plant, just outside Lugo in Galicia where the couple had begun their business.

Since then, Torre de Nuñez has become an emblematic symbol of pride and quality within the community and have grown along with their reputation. Dedicated to the curing and production of outstanding quality charcuterie – using traditional methods overseen by the master “jamonero” – they also boast two hotels where the locals come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon or even celebrate weddings. Of course, their delicious Serrano tapas are a must!

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