Regás are based in the town of Riells i Viabrea, north-eastern Spain, in the province of Girona. The company was founded in 1821 by Baltasar Regás who began hand-making earthenware dishes from natural clay; a tradition he learnt from Benedictine Monks at the Monastery of Breda. Despite the success the company has achieved, their cookware is still handmade, using the same natural Mediterranean clay, nearly 200 years later. Regás pride themselves on creating the most ecological cookware available and preserving the ancient origins of terracotta bakeware; one of the most ancient forms of cooking. Their simple and rustic designs have not been changed since manufacture began, due to both its rustic charm, effective design and ability to enhance recipes. Terracotta keeps the moisture in meats, vegetables and pulses, producing meals that are tender, juicy and flavoursome.

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