1880 Spanish Assortment Tray 215g

1880 Turron de Alicante 150g

1880 Turron de Jijona 150g




Alba Vega Albarino DOP Rias Baixas

Alcaparras Pickled Surfine Capers 260g

Alcaparrones Pickled Caperberries 260g

Ali Oli 1.15kg

Ali Oli 175g

Alioli and Salsa Brava Gift box

Alubia blanca White beans Dried 1kg sack

Alubia blanca White kidney beans 720g

Alubias White Haricot beans 3kg

Amontillado Dios Baco 750ml

Apricot and Almond Snack Bar 50g

Apricot and Almond wedge 250g

Apricot and Almond Wheel 250g

Arbequina EV Olive oil 250ml

Arbequina Olive Pate 120g

Arbequina Olives

Arbequina Olives 5kg

Arbequina Olives from Catalunya 260g

Artichoke hearts in olive oil 430g

Artisan Manchego Aged 3kg

Atun Claro Tuna in olive oil

Baby Onions in sherry vinegar 150g

Bacalao a la Viscaina

Salt cod in the Viscaya style

Bacalao Salt Cod pieces

Bahia Rice 1kg

Bahia Rice 5kg

Balsamic sherry vinegar glaze 160ml

Balsamic vinegar from Modena 250ml

Balsamic vinegar with white truffle 100ml

Basil flavoured Arbequina Olive oil 250ml

Basil flavoured Olive oil 100ml

Basil Olive oil Pearls 50g

Beer and Kikos Gift Set

Berberechos Heart Cockles



Bittersweet smoked Pimenton 75g

Black Aragon Empeltre Olives 5kg

Black Empeltre Olive Pate 120g

Black Empeltre Olives

Black Olive Pate 200g

Black Olive Tapenade 100g

Black Olives pitted

Black Summer Truffle 25g

Bomba rice 250g

Bomba Rice 500g

Bomba Rice 5kg

Bonito del Norte Tuna Loin

Boquerones Anchovies in Vinegar

Boquerones Anchovies in vinegar

Bunch 50 Spicy Dried Guindilla peppers Copy

Cabra al Pimenton Goat cheese with paprika

Cabra al Romero Goat cheese with rosemary

Cantabrian Salted Anchovies 110g

Cantabrian salted anchovies 50g

Caperberries 150g

Capers 150g

Caramel Chocolate Truffles 175g

Cardboard Box with wood wool packing


Casserole Pot 13cm

Casserole Pot 17cm

Casserole Pot 23cm

Cazuela 10cm

Cazuela 11.5cm

Cazuela 14cm

Cazuela 8.5cm

Cazuela with handles 17cm

Cazuela with handles 20cm

Cazuela with handles 23cm

Cazuela with handles 28cm

Cebollitas Pickled Baby Onions 260g

Cecina de Leon Beef slices 100g

Cecina de Leon Smoked beef


Cheese and Sherry Gift Basket

Chestnut puree

Chestnut puree with rosemary-infused cream, orange and cinnamon


Chilli flavoured Arbequina Olive oil 250ml

Chilli flavoured Olive oil 100ml

Chistorra de Pamplona 210g

Chocolate a la Taza 180g

Chocolate a la Taza 1kg

Chocolate a la Taza in Presentation tin 180g

Chocolate and Churro Gift Set

Chocolate and Churros Breakfast Kit

Chocolate Fig Bombons 1kg

Chocolate Fig Bombons 265g

Chocolate Fig Bombons 85g

Choricero Pepper Pulp 180g

Chorizo de la Rioja 350g

Chorizo Iberico de Bellota slices 100g

Chorizo Longaniza Dulce 280g

Chorizo Longaniza Picante 280g

Chorizo Serrano slices 100g

Chorizo Serrano slices 500g

Chorizo stick for slicing 1.5kg

Churrera - Churro Maker

Churro Mix 500g

Classic Chocolate Truffles 175g

Classic Paella Set for six people

Classic Spanish Christmas Hamper

Complete Order


Cooking Chorizos 1kg

Crianza Montevannos 2005

Date and Almond Snack Bar 50g

Date and Almond Wedge 250g

Date and Almond Wheel 250g

Delicias Vegetable Crisps 70g



Dried Cuello de Dama Figs 250g

Duck pate with Armagnac

Egypcia bottle EV Olive oil 250ml

Egypcias Coupage olive oil 500ml

El Majuelo Sherry Vinegar Reserva 250ml

Empeltre olives from Aragon 150g

Essential Paella Set for four people

Fabada Asturiana 425g

Fig and Almond Bar 50g

Fig and Almond Wedge

Fig and Almond wheel 250g

Fig and Truffle Chocolate Box

Fig and Walnut Wheel 250g

Fig Balsamic vinegar condiment 250ml

Fig Conserve 85g

Fig Jelly for Cheese 210g

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Fino Dios Baco 750ml

Flamenco Assortment of Pastries 200g

Flamenco Assortment Selection Box 370g

Flor de Sal Ceramic Pot 150g Copy

Flor de Sal Mediterranean Herbs 55g

Flor de Sal Mini Ceramic Pot 28.35g

Flor de Sal Salt Shaker Granito 125g

Flor de Sal Small Salt shaker 31g

Flor de Sal with Chilli 75g

Flor de Sal with Flower Petals 75g

Flower Petal Salted Marcona almonds 80g


Four Salsas Gift Set

Fruits nuts & snacks

Fuet Salami from Vic 150g

Garbanzos Chick peas Dried 1kg sack

Garbanzos Chickpeas 3kg

Garbanzos Chickpeas 720g

Garlic flavoured Arbequina Olive oil 250ml

Garlic flavoured Olive oil 100ml

Gas Ring Burner 30cm

Gas Ring Burner 50cm

Gas Ring Burner 70cm

Gazpacho soup 1 litre

Gazpacho soup 250ml

Gherkins 150g

Gifts & hampers

Gold Iberico de Bellota Ham

Gondola Ham stand

Gordal Olives pitted 5kg

Gordal Olives whole 5kg

Gourmet Spanish Food

Green Manzanilla Olive Pate 120g

Green Olive Pate 200g

Ground Cumin 400g

Guijuelo Ham Stand

Guindillas 2kg

Guindillas 370g

Guindillas Spicy green chilli peppers 285g

Guirlache Almond Brittle 150g

Habas fritas Fried and salted broad beans 125g

Habas Fritas Fried and salted broad beans 1kg

Habitas fritas Baby broad beans 250g

Hare pate with truffle

Hojaldres Puff Pastries 100g

Hojiblanca olives stuffed with Sweet Garlic

Hojiblanca Olives with Almonds

Hojiblanca olives with piri piri chillies


Hot Smoked Pimenton 750g

Hot smoked Pimenton 75g

Hot Sundried Pimenton 75g

Iberico Bellota pate w/PX sherry 85g

Iberico Chorizo and Salami pack

Iberico de Bellota Black Label Ham

Iberico de Bellota Chorizo

Iberico de Bellota ham piece

Iberico de Bellota Paleta slices 100g

Iberico de Bellota Pate with PX Sherry 200g

Iberico de Bellota Salami

Iberico de Bellota Salami slices 100g

Iberico Ham slices Red label 100g

Iberico ham small piece

Iberico Ham stuffed Piquillo peppers 250g

Iberico Pata Negra Ham Half piece

Iberico Red Label Ham

Iberico Unico Hand carved ham slices 50g

Induction Steel Paella Pan 34cm

Induction Steel Paella Pan 38cm

Judion de la Granja Butter Beans 3kg

Judion de la Granja Butter beans 720g

Judion de la Granja Butter beans Dried 1kg sack

Kikones Giant fried and salted corn 100g

Kikones Giant fried and salted Corn 1kg


Knife for Ham carving

Lagrima Coupage EV olive oil 100ml

Large Yellow Green Jug 1 litre

Lemon flavoured Arbequina Olive oil 250ml

Lemon flavoured Olive oil 100ml

Lenteja Pardina Dried 1kg sack

Lenteja Pardina Lentils 720g

Luxury Christmas Gift Tray

Luxury Gourmet Christmas Hamper

Luxury Salted Cocktail Mix 80g

Luxury Truffle and Wine basket

Mahon Large round

Mahon Small round

Manchego Aged Large Round

Manchego Cheese

Manchego Conde Duque Large round

Manchego Semicured Large Round

Manchego Semicured Wedge

Manchego Small round

Manzanilla Dios Baco 500ml

Manzanilla Olives 5kg

Manzanilla Olives pitted

Manzanilla Olives pitted 5kg

Manzanilla olives stuffed with Almond 260g

Manzanilla olives stuffed with Garlic 260g

Manzanilla olives stuffed with Red Pepper 260g

Manzanilla Olives stuffed with Red Pepper 5kg

Manzanilla Olives whole

Manzanilla Olives with Anchovy

Manzanilla Olives with Anchovy Catering Tin

Manzanilla olives with Red peppers

Marinated Mussels

Marzipan figurines 100g

Mediterranean Assortment 400g

Mediterranean Assortment Bar 50g

Membrillo Quince Jelly

Membrillo Quince Jelly 1.3kg

Membrillo Quince Jelly 320g



Mini chorizo snacks 50g

Mini chorizos 500g

Mini Chorizos de la Rioja 330g

Mini Fuet salami snack bites 50g

Mini Hot Chocolate and Churros kit

Mini paella kit for two people

Modena Balsamic vinegar Glaze 350ml

Mojo Salsas Picon Rojo and Verde

Morcilla de Burgos 300g

Morcilla de Leon 1kg

Mothers Day Gift Tray

Multflower honey in terracotta jar 200ml

Multi flower Honey 1kg

Multiflower Honey in terracotta jar 500g

Murcia al Vino The Drunken Goat

Murcia al Vino The Drunken Goat Large round

Navajas Razor Clams in brine

New in


Octopus Galician style

Olive oil & vinegar


Oloroso Dios Baco 750ml

Oloroso Sherry vinegar Glaze 160ml

Onion Marmalade

Onion marmalade PX sherry 85g

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Orange Blossom Honey 200g

Orange flavoured Arbequina Olive oil 250ml

Orange flavoured Olive oil 100ml

Oreo Cake Mix 215g


Paella Ingredient Set

Paella Salsa 200g

Paella Seasoning sachets 15g

Paella Spices 450g

Painted Pestle and Mortar

Panceta Iberico de Bellota slices 100g

Panceta Streaky Bacon piece 400g

Papas Arrugadas

A typical Spanish Tapas dish

Partridge pate with Armagnac

Patatas Ali Oli

Delicioso Ali Oli Potatoes


Pedro Ximenez Oxford 1970 500ml

Pedro Ximenez Oxford 1970 750ml

Pedro Ximenez Vinegar Glaze 160ml

Pepinillos Baby Gherkins 260g

Pescadito Frito Flour Mix 500g

Phaisant pate with truffle and Oport

Pickled Figs

Picos Artesanos 35g x 12

Picos breadsticks in box 125g

Picos Mini Breadsticks

Picos Mini breadsticks in box 125g

Pimientos de Padron 400g

Piparras de Navarra 180g

Piparras Sweet Spicy Green Chillies 285g

Pipas Salted sunflower seeds 100g

Pipas Salted sunflower seeds 500g

Piquillo Peppers 3kg

Pisto Manchego 340ml

Pitted Manzanilla Olives 260g

Plate 19cm

Porcini stuffed Piquillo peppers 250g

Purple Garlic chopped 1kg

Purple Garlic paste 1kg


Red Bell Peppers 3 kg

Red legged Partridge pate 85g

Red-legged Partridge Pate 200g

Redondo Paella Rice 500g

Redondo Paella Rice La Cuna 1kg

Redondo Paella rice La Cuna 5kg

Rice and beans

Rioja Vega Blanco DOC Rioja

Rioja Vega Crianza 2007 DOC Rioja

Rioja Vega Reserva 2005 DOC Rioja

Rioja Vega Rosado DOC Rioja

Rioja Vega Tinto 2009 DOC Rioja

Roasted hazelnut oil from Tarragona 100ml

Roasted Piquillo Peppers 314g

Roasted Piquillo Peppers tin 400g

Roasted Virgin Almond Oil 100ml

Roasted virgin Peanut oil 100ml

Roasted virgin Pistachio oil 100ml

Roasted virgin Pumpkin seed oil 100ml

Roasted Virgin Walnut oil 100ml

Roble Montevannos 2008

Rosemary Honey 200g

Rosemary Honey 250g

Saffron DO La Mancha Glass jar 1g

Saffron paprika & spices

Saffron powder 50 x 0.125g capsules

Saffron Spanish Select Grade 0.5g

Saffron Spanish Select grade 10g

Saffron Spanish Select Grade 1g

Saffron stamens DO La Mancha 0.5g

Sal de Ibiza Crisps 125g

Sal de Ibiza Crisps 45g

Sal de Ibiza Salted Dark Chocolate Bar 80g

Salami Serrano slices 100g

Salsa Brava 1.2kg

Salsa Brava 185g

Salsa Mojo Picon 1.15kg

Salsa Mojo Picon 175g

Salsa Mojo Verde 1.15kg

Salsa Mojo Verde 175g

Salsa Romesco 175g

Salsa Romesco 950g

Salted Anchovies in olive oil

Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar 100g

Salted Marcona Almonds 500g

San Simon da Costa 600g

Sangria Mar y Sol 750ml

Scallops in scallop sauce


Search Result

Serrano Charcuterie assortment 200g

Serrano Gran Reserva Boneless Ham

Serrano ham, stand and knife

Serrano Lomo Cured Loin 450g

Serrano Lomo Cured loin slices 100g

Serrano Reserva Ham

Serrano Reserva Ham off the bone

Serrano Reserva Ham Piece

Serrano Reserva Ham slices 100g

Serrano Reserva Ham slices 500g

Serrano Salami stick for slicing 1.5kg

Set of Five flavoured Olive oils

Set of Five Nut oils

Shellfish stuffed Piquillo peppers 250g

Sherry Gift Set of 3 in a presentation card box

Sherry Vinegar El Cocinero 750ml

Sherry Vinegar Francisco de Cala 250ml

Sherry Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez 250ml


Sidra El Gaitero Champagne Cider 700ml

Sidra Natural Trabanco with Spout 700ml

Silver Tripod for Gas ring burners


Sliced cooked Pulpo 500g

Sliced Piquillo peppers 3kg

Sliced Red Bell Peppers 3kg

Small Sardines in olive oil

Small Yellow Green Jug 1/2 litre

Smoked Asturian Charcuterie 250g

Smoked Asturian Chorizo 1kg

Smoked Asturian Chorizo 250g

Smoked Asturian Morcilla 600g

Smoked Idiazabal

Smoked Morcilla Asturiana 250g

Sobrasada de Mallorca

Solan de Cabras 1 litre

Solan de Cabras 330ml

Solan de Cabras 500ml

Spanish Biscuit Assortment 180g

Spanish cheese

Spanish Condiment Set

Spanish Condiments Hamper

Spanish Condiments Kit

Spanish Food Distributors

Spanish Food Hampers

Spanish Food Ingredients

Spanish Food Items

Spanish Food Shop

Spanish hams & charcuterie

Spanish Pork Scratchings 150g

Spanish Tapas Taster Basket

Spanish vegetables

Spanish wine and canapes hamper

Special offers

Spicy Chorizo stick for slicing 1.5kg

Spicy Cooking Chorizos 1kg

Spicy Habas Fritas 125g

Spicy Manzanilla Olives with Piri piri chillies 260g

Spicy smoked chorizo 250g

Squid in ink

Squid Ink 90g

Squid ink sachets 16g

Stainless steel Aceite de Oliva olive oil can

Stainless steel Olive oil can Arbequina

Steel Paella Pan for 120 115cm Copy

Steel Paella Pan for 85 100cm Copy

Store cupboard

Sugared Almonds Peladillas

Sun-dried Tomatoes with oregano 200g

Sweet red pepper marmalade 200g

Sweet Red Pepper marmalade 85g

Sweet Smoked Pimenton 750g

Sweet smoked Pimenton 75g

Sweet sun dried Pimenton 75g

Sweet things

Tagine with red hand painted lid 20cm

Tagine with yellow hand painted lid 17cm

Tastes of Northern Spain

Tempura Mix 500g

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terracotta Tagine 17cm

Terracotta Tagine 20cm

Terracotta Tagine 28cm


Toasted and salted Marcona almonds 100g

Tomate Frito 340ml

Tortas Almendras Crunchy Almond olive oil biscuits

Tortas de Aceite Saladas Biscuits

Tortas de Aceite Sugared Olive Oil Biscuits

Tortas de Naranja Seville Orange Tortas

Traditional painted Olive dish

Traditional Spanish Food

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 26cm

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 30cm

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 34cm

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 38cm

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 42cm

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 46cm

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 50cm

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 70cm

Traditional Steel Paella Pan 90cm

Trias Excellence Mix 300g

Trias Fan Wafers 150g

Trias Mixed Wafer Rolls 150g

Trias Sweet wafer rolls 125g

Trias Tuile biscuits 150g

Tripod for Gas Ring Burners

Turron Blando de Jijona 150g

Turron de Alicante Hard almond nougat 150g

Turron de Jijona - Soft almond nougat 150g

Turron Duro de Alicante 150g

Turron Torta Imperial 150g

Valdeon Blue Picos de Europa Large round

Delicioso's online Spanish delicatessen provides high quality Spanish blue cheese. We are a UK Spanish food supplier who deliver Spanish food products throughout the UK direct to your door within 48 hours.

Valdeon Blue Picos de Europa Small round

Venison and Goose liver pate with Port 200g

Venison chorizo horseshoe 300g

Venison Goose liver pate w/Port 85g

Venison pate with truffle and Amagnac

Venison Salami 200g

Ventresca Tuna belly fillets 550g

Vermouth Yzaguirre Clasico Rojo 1litre

Vichy Catalan 1 litre

Vichy Catalan 6 x 250ml

Vitreoceramic Paella pan 24cm

Vitreoceramic Paella Pan 26cm

Vitreoceramic Paella Pan 30cm

Vitreoceramic Paella Pan 34cm

Vitreoceramic Paella Pan 38cm

Vitreoceramic Paella Pan 42cm

Vitreoceramic Paella pan 46cm

Vitreoceramic Paella Pan 50cm

Vitreoceramic Paella Pan 65cm

White Anchovies Boquerones 50g

White Asparagus 580g

White truffle and Porcini mushroom pate 200g

White Truffle olive oil 100ml

White truffle Porcini mushroom pate 85g

Whole Garlic Cloves 260g

Whole Gordal Queen Olives 260g

Whole Manzanilla Olives 260g


Wholesale Spanish Food

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Wild Boar Chorizo Horseshoe 300g

Wild Boar pate with truffle and Armagnac

Wild Boar Salami 200g

Wine Jug 1 litre

Wine Jug Half litre