Martínez Somalo was created in 1901 by Don José Martínez Campo. Don José belonged to a large family and several of his brothers dedicated themselves to the elaboration and sale of meat products. At that time products derived from the raw material of the pig were elaborated and Don José sold them in his town and in the nearby towns. The factory had the name “La Gloria Riojana”.

Somalo 110 was born when the company turns 110 years old, being the best tribute, they could make to their history and tradition. It is our most select range, an aesthetic and gastronomic whim. A new way of seeing and doing things as always. A firm commitment to the future, always looking to the past.

If we talk about tradition, we talk about Martínez Somalo. Four generations of artisans dedicated to finding the best product from the beginning. “Martínez Somalo” and “La Gloria Riojana” (Registered in 1921) are the main brands. And up there, in the Sierra, only the murmur of the wind, time and our know-how take care of the rest.