Over a century ago in 1896, Don Andrés Serrano Selva began buying and transporting wheat to different stone mills in Alicante and selling the resulting flour. He quickly built up a prosperous business and after four years, he was able to buy a mill himself. Located in Elche, Andalucía, the mill, called Traspalacio, saw his first ever production of flour and is still a famous cultural landmark in Elche today. Don Andrés, however, stood anything but still. A modern factory was built in 1910 to meet increasing demand and after seven years, he upgraded from 3 to 10 machines and output jumped from 3 to 14 tons per day. Don Andrés and his family were now supplying flour across the length and breadth of Spain.

By the late 60s, the Serrano family had taken over a mill in Cartagena and Harinera Mediterranea, known today as Harimsa, was established in 1973. Don Andrés’ visionary business sense and tenacity have allowed Harimsa to evolve and adapt to changing markets, becoming a popular brand name across Spain and beyond. We are proud to carry their tempura mix and pescadito frito mix, for perfectly crunchy tempura and fried fish, and of course, our star product is the churro mix for making crisp Spanish doughnuts.