Flor del Olivo

Flor de Olivo Natural Cosmetics is a company based on the firm belief that nature can and should provide everything we need. Their unique location in Granada, set amid mountains and reservoirs, is home to a wealth of plants with therapeutic, aromatic, curative and nutritive properties, the perfect ingredients for top-quality, 100% natural beauty products.

Essential oils are extracted from different plants to optimise their active ingredients for specific skin concerns. But the antioxidant olive oil is the star ingredient here, and its hydrating properties have been known for millennia; the ancient Greeks bathed in pure olive oil and the Romans made olive oil soap infused with rose petals and laurel leaves. With its high vitamin E content, olive oil nourishes, cleanses and regenerates the skin, while combating age-causing free radicals.

Flor de Olivo support local suppliers and many social initiatives, as well as using eco-friendly ingredients and packaging while ensuring no harmful bi-products in their production. The result is a wonderful range of herbal beauty products which are kind to the environment and to your skin.

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