EL Conchel strive to use only ‘Duroc’ pigs in their products. Duroc is the principle serrano breed and naturally contains less salt than other breeds. Their cured meats are naturally air-dried using traditional methods. Based on the historic ‘Ruta de Don Quijote’ in El Ballestero, Castille la Mancha at an elevation of over 3000 feet the climate is perfect for curing such meats, the hot summer days turn to surprisingly cool summer nights.

The company was founded over 25 years ago with the mantra of combining traditional time-honoured recipes with modern production techniques. As such only natural casings, and ingredients are used, meaning their charcuterie retains an authentic, traditional taste. In-fact their products do not contain and artificial colourings, flavourings or other additives. As a philanthropic company they regularly fundraise and partner with the ‘Cancer Ninjas’ childrens charity, as well as supporting local charities and supporting children’s activities.  

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