D’es Trenc

D’Es Trenc are the sister company of Azada; our supplier of olive oil, flavoured and nut oils. The salt flats of Es Trenc and Salobrar de Campos have been producing fine sea salt for centuries and D’Es Trenc continue this tradition. The unspoiled coastline of Es Trenc, in the south east corner of Mallorca, provides optimum conditions for Flor de Salt production. Thanks to Es Trenc’s famous crystal-clear water, its high summer temperatures and gentle sea breezes, each grain of Flor de Sal captures the essence of the Mediterranean. Organically harvested in the natural way and gathered by hand; flor de Sal forms a thin layer of tiny flower-like crystals (flor de sal) on the surface of the salt-rich water which is hand-harvested in salt pans and slowly dried in the hot Mallorcan sun.

The salt-fields are located in the largest un-spoilt beach in Mallorca, home to a dune system and ecologically important wetland. The salt fields are home to flourishing colonies of bird species such as the avocet, black-winged stilt, common shelduck, snowy plover, and flamingo. D’Es Trenc help support, protect and maintain the areas biodiversity through wetland preservation which supports the large bird population present and the wider environmental conservation.

Harvested entirely by hand, and dried in the Mediterranean sun, Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc is a superb natural and fully organic product. Obtained by a delicate process in which nothing is added or taken away. The salt blossom contains as many as 80 seawater trace elements. The amount of sodium chloride (the main component of common salt) is lower than most salt types. Magnesium, naturally present in sea water, is one of the first elements brought to the surface by the sunlight and wind – which explains why Flor de Salt has a high magnesium concentration – between 16 – 20 times higher than that of ordinary sea salt. The flor de sal additionally contains double the amount of potassium, calcium, and numerous trace elements as compared to standard sea-salts.