Cerrillo Fontecha


The Cerrillo Fontecha family business began 4 generations ago in 1904, when their great grandfather pastured his cows near the Cebollera Mountains, selling his meat products in a local butcher’s shop. Always searching for the best pastures for their livestock, the family moved to Nájera, an important stopping point on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Their products quickly became very popular with the locals, as well as with passing pilgrims, and Cerrillo Fontecha began to grow.

Now in their 3rd generation, the Cerrillo Fontecha siblings have followed through on the family ethos of “tradition, dedication and hard work” to produce excellent quality products for consumption beyond their own butcher’s shop. We are proud to carry a fantastic range of Cerrillo Fontecha products, from their delicious cooking chorizo to a variety of firm-cured chorizo and charcuterie typical in tapas dishes and ideal for sharing with friends!

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