Grandfather and founder, Bernardo Hernandez, started what was a modest project in the 1930s. Specialising in rearing free-range, black Iberian pigs and perfecting the curing process, Beher is now an award-winning company producing Iberico ham to the highest of standards.

Beher pride themselves on the care of their 100% pure-bred Iberico pigs, descended from wild boar. These pigs forage free-range on the oak groves – known as dehesas – of Extremadura in south-west Spain. Feeding on acorns and pasture, it is this combination of diet, ancestry and their semi-wild existence that gives the meat its characteristic nutty flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. The meat is rich in oleic acid, the same “good cholesterol” found in olives, avocados and acorns! It is also rich in vitamins and minerals; particularly the antioxidant vitamin E.

Recent changes in the classification of Iberico pigs has meant a reduction in numbers of genuine Iberico products. Inversely, increased areas of dehesa means more acorns for pigs to graze upon. With quality in mind, Beher took the decision to allow their 100% pure Iberico pigs to graze for longer and to extend the curing time, resulting in a highest quality product that we have seen.

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