Chocolate Fig Bombons 1kg


1kg approx 50 figs    


 GTA-star-2-2013.jpgTwo-star Gold medal 2013 Great Taste Awards


These fabulous brandy-truffle filled figs dipped in fine chocolate are simply a taste of heaven. They have been created for us especially by Vira, the Master chocolatier in Barcelona who supplies our hot drinking chocolate and hand-decorated tins of chocolates, and they are absolutely delicious! The figs used are a speciality of Extremadura in southern Spain, a variety called 'Pajarito', which means 'little bird'. This large catering-size box contains about 50 individually-wrapped figs - once you have tasted them, you will know why this large size is so popular! The judges said: 'A rich and luxurious chocolate; all the components of the product deliver in flavour and texture. The figs are gloriously chewy, the brandy truffle is perfectly constructed, smooth and creamy, and the chocolate rich and velvety.'

Ingredients: Cocoa, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, reduced-fat cocoa powder, sugar, dried figs, vegetable oil, pasteurised cream, milk solids, glucose, sorbitol, brandy, colorant:E153, preservative:sorbic acid, emulsifier: soya lecithin and flavouring:vanilla.
Contains alcohol (0.81%)
Allergy advice: contains milk, soya. May also contain traces of nuts.


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