Sobrasada Porc Negre de Mallorca


300g minimum weight     



Our regular Sobrasada is very popular, but this is the top of the range 'Porc Negre' version, made from the native black-foot pigs of Mallorca - very similar to Iberico pigs - these pigs are fed on beans, vegetables, acorns and figs, giving their meat a special sweet flavour! Sobrasada is a soft-textured chorizo made with streaky bacon, loin of pork and spices, mainly paprika. Can be eaten uncooked, spread on toast and sprinkled with honey for breakfast, grilled on toast, or used in pasta sauces and risottos. 


Ingredients: Streaky bacon with antioxidants E320, E321, Pork loin, papika, salt, spices, stabilisers E450, E451, antioxidant E301, preservative E252. 
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