Serrano Reserva Ham on the bone


7.5kg minimum  



These pure-bred 'Duroc' white-foot Serrano hams on the bone come from the mountains of Galicia and have been naturally cured for a minimum of 14 months for a great depth of flavour. The pure-bred Duroc breed has superior marbling in the meat from the usual mixed breed of Serrano ham, and it is this marbling which enables our supplier to use less salt in the curing process, making the flavour sweeter and more mellow than most, as well as more healthy to eat!

We also have the ham stand and the long flexible ham knife available separately. We include instructions with your delivery on the care and carving of your ham.


Ingredients: Pork ham, salt, antioxidant E331iii, preservatives E252, E250, corn maltodextrin.
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