Iberico ham small piece 500g


500g, vacuum-packed and in a net 


Gold Great Taste Award 2014


A small square half-kilo piece of Iberico 'Pata Negra' ham, cleaned of skin and excess fat, ready for slicing paper-thin, either by hand with a long ham knife or a slicing machine. These are Iberico pigs from our award-winning supplier from Guijuelo in Salamanca, fed on a mixed diet of acorns and other grains and then cured for over two years to achieve a great depth of flavour.

This ham has now won a Gold medal in the Great Taste Awards; the judges said: 'Good marbling and attractive appearance, with a good balance of saltiness and sweetness. Lovely even texture and great depth of flavour.'


Ingredients: Iberico ham, salt, sugar, antioxidants E301, E311iii and preservatives E252.



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