Iberico de Bellota Chorizo and Salami




These half-pieces of artisan-made chorizo and salami made using acorn-fed Iberico pork, from our award-winning company in Guijuelo, Salamanca. Cured for 3-4 months, they have a rich, nutty flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture, ready to slice and eat as part of an assorted charcuterie platter.

Chorizo ingredients: Iberico pork meat, salt, paprika, garlic, oregano, milk protein, sugar, dextrose, caseinate, dextrin, lactose, emulsifier E450i,E425i, antioxidant E301, E325 and E331iii, preservatives E252 and E250, colouring E120.
Allergy advice: contains milk.
Salami ingredients: Iberico Pork meat, salt, dextrose, skimmed milk powder, dextrin, sugar, spices, emulsifier E451ii, E452i, E450i, antioxidants E331ii, E301, flavour enhancer E628, E632, preservatives E252, E250, colouring E120 and port wine.
Allergy advice: contains milk. 



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