Mahon from Menorca 2kg




 Denomination of Origin Mahon


This Mahon is hand-made from unpasteurised cows milk on the island of Menorca; it is a square cheese with rounded-off edges, with a smooth, firm texture and an aroma of fresh peaches, created by rubbing the rind with paprika and olive oil. The Mahon matures naturally over a 3-4 month period and takes the shape of the linen cloth in which it is wrapped. To drink: an oaky white wine or a glass of amontillado or oloroso sherry.


Why not try some of our suggested accompaniments with your cheese: Pressed fruit wedges and wheels, Pickled figs, Membrillo (Quince jelly), Picos mini breadsticks and Salted olive oil tortas - follow the links here or look in the Storecupboard and Fruits, Nuts and snacks for the full selection!


Ingredients: Unpasteurised cow's milk, rennet, lactic ferments, salt and preservative E252, E509.
Allergy advice: contains milk.
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