Four Gourmet Salsas Gift Set



A lovely food gift! Four of our fabulous and best-selling salsas in an attractive black kraft tray with a clear lid, filled with the finest wood wool and tied with raffia.

The alioli is made using extra-virgin olive oil and purple garlic to make a full-flavoured mayonnaise; serve with fish and seafood, meats, and vegetables; the spicy smoked Brava salsa is made with tomato and red peppers with hot smoked paprika. Classically served with 'Patatas Bravas', fried potato cubes with Brava sauce; also barbequed and roasted meats and vegetables. The two Mojo salsas from the Canary Islands consist of a Picon Rojo, made using sweet red Piquillo peppers and lots of chillies, to serve with potatoes (Papas con Mojo), meats or roasted vegetables, and Mojo Verde, which is a green pepper and herb salsa made using fresh parsley and coriander, for fish and seafood as well as vegetables.

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