Hot Drinking Chocolate tin 180g




The same rich, thick drinking chocolate as in our sachets, presented in a pretty oval tin; showing on one side the chocolate with 'Churros', Spanish doughnuts, and on the other, a picture of the original owners of this artisan company - grandparents of the current owners - outside their shop in Barcelona in 1904. Delicious and very more-ish - depending on how much powder you use it can be taken as a hot drink or, if you use more, it will thicken (due to the cornflour in the powder) and is perfect for dunking Spanish doughnuts, known as Churros, in for breakfast - the famous 'Churros con Chocolate'! We also have the churro mix and a churro maker available separately or in a Chocolate and Churro kit together so you can make your own 'Chocolate con churros' at home.


Ingredients: Sugar (55%), semi-skimmed cocoa powder (20%), cornflour (22%), maltflour (4%) and vanilla.
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