Patatas Ali oli

A very simple but delicious typical Tapas dish also great as an accomplament to a meal. This recipe originates from the Canary islands and uses our very own Ali Oli. Ali Oli originated in Cataluna and has spread all over Spain. The name Ali Oli comes from the Catalan words for the two main ingredients all (garlic) and oli (oil). Perfect for those hot summer days!

You will need...

100g new potatoes

Delicioso Ali Oli - Avaliable from Delicioso


Fresh chopped parsley

Cracked black pepper

Pinch of salt


For the potatoes…

We reccomend using fresh new potatoes, peeled and diced to around 2cm. Bring the potatoes to boiling point and add a pich of salt and allow to boil for several minutes. Reduce the heat and allow to simmer until well cooked. Rinse the potatoes in water, and allow to cool at room temperature.

to serve…

Simply mix the cooled potatoes with the ali oli sauce (around half a jar). Garnish with fresh chopped parley and cracked black pepper. 


Enjoy on its own as Tapas or snack or alongside fish or vegetable!


Serves 2 people