Chicken braised in sherry vinegar with green grapes


If you have ever held any doubts about the magic of sherry vinegar then this is your dish. Inspired by Melbourne-based Spanish chef, Frank Camorra, this dish is as simple as it sounds but the taste will have you blinking in delight. Gently frying in olive oil leaves the chicken rich and succulent, but is cut by sherry vinegar, glossy yet sharp, and sweet popping grapes. If you are not yet familiar with sherry vinegar, this is one of the tastiest introductions.

The slow braise transforms the vinegar into a sharp caramel that coats the chicken and turns the grapes into a savoury fruit. For the original version, seek out Movida in Melbourne where Frank Camorra continues to inspire locals to visit Spain, and in some cases remain there for life.

You will need…

4 chicken drumsticks

1 brown onions, diced

2 cloves of garlic, diced

2 bay leaves

2 sprigs of thyme

1 cup of green grapes, halved and deseeded

½ a cup of chicken stock

olive oil ½ a cup

sherry vinegar ½ cup

A handful of parsley leaves, shredded

toasted almonds, handful, de-skinned and halved

Paella rice 1/2 cup per person

A handful of raisins, preferably Moscatel, roughly chopped

2 tbsp of cream

Cracked black pepper


For the rice…

Cook rice as per normal with stock and water, then when liquid has almost completely evaporated, add a handful of chopped raisins and stir through. Once rice is cooked to your taste, stir through finely shredded parley and toasted almonds and serve warm with the chicken.

For the chicken…

Heat some oil in a pan then add the chicken drumsticks and brown on all sides before setting aside.  Add the remaining oil to the pan along with the onions, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, a pinch of salt and cracked black pepper.

Sauté over low heat for 15 minutes until onions begin to turn translucent and golden then return the chicken along with the sherry vinegar and stock then continue to braise over low heat turning drumsticks regularly.

After 30 minutes as the sauce begins to thicken, add the cream and stir through then the grapes and leave to reduce for another 10 minutes until the liquid the sauce becomes syrupy. Serve drumsticks hot with the almond and raisin rice.

Reproduced by permission from Papaserra - Barcelona Culinary Adventures